Race pack pick-up:
29.4.2023 at start, Bratislava - Kamzík 15:00-16:00

Start Atrios KIDS:
29.4.2023 16:00 Bratislava - Kamzík

Participant limit:
150 kids runners

Categories Atrios KIDS

  • Small little dragons 100m (0 - 4 years)
  • Big little dragons 200m (5 - 6 years)
  • Dragon prep I. 500m (7 - 8 years)
  • Dragon prep II. 750m (9 - 10 years)
  • Teen dragons 1000m (11 - 13 years)
  • Small little dragons 100m (0 - 4 years)
  • Big little dragons 200m (5 - 6 years)
  • Dragon prep I. 500m (7 - 8 years)
  • Dragon prep II. 750m (9 - 10 years)
  • Teen dragons 1000m (11 - 13 years)
  • Family relay 1 x 125m + 3 x 250m (0 - 100 years)

To be enlisted into age category, the year of birth is decisive, not considering the date of birth.

Family relay:

Is a competition relay race of families in which the members of the relay pass the relay baton. Each relay must have four members. Each of them runs one lap. The first one runs a 125m lap and the other three a 250m lap each. Total 875m. No member may run more, than once.
Each relay must consist of at least one parent and one child. The other members can be a second parent and another child, or two other children. They can also be children from an extended family. However, the base of the relay must be a parent and his child.
The order in which relay members run their laps is determined: They run according to age, from the youngest child. So adults run last.
The fastest family relay will get special award!

Entry fee Atrios KIDS

3 €

paid until 17.2.2023

4 €

paid until 17.4.2023

5 €

paid until 27.4.2023

7 €

paid on race day

Entry fee Atrios FAMILY RELAY (for the whole relay)

12 €

paid until 17.2.2023

16 €

paid until 17.4.2023

20 €

paid until 27.4.2023

28 €

paid on race day
Entry fee transfer and entry changes:
Entry fee is not refundable. If you create an account on vysledkovyservis.sk, you can transfer your entry to other person, or make other changes in your entry for free.
If you do not wish to create an account, it is possible to transfer your entry to other person for 4€ fee. 
In case you want to transfer your entry to other participant, or do some minor change in your entry, you can do that on webpage vysledkovyservis.sk. In main menu choose „Entry change“ and fill in all data about the new participant. The change must be made by the person who entered originally. 
To move the entry fee to next year is not possible.
Reduced start fee for clients of Dôvera health insurance company:
As a part of partnership we provide Dôvera clients individual entry fee discount 3€.
The discount can also be applied to the relay, but max. in the amount of 3€. So at least one member of the relay must be a client of Dôvera.
To claim the discount, mark the Dôvera field in registration form and fill out the client ID number – you can find it on your card in the left lower corner as IČP.
Entry fee payment:
You can pay the start fee by various way methods. All of them will be presented to you after filling the entry form. We suggest to use the card payment. It is fast, secure, cheapest from other countries and your name will show in participants list right away.
If you do not choose the card payment, you will receive email with instructions for other payment methods. (if you do not receive the email, check your SPAM and PROMOTIONS folder).
Pls. do not pay the entry fee using postal money transfer.

Accompanying program with Atrios:
At the Atrios tent, a number of surprises and fun activities await all visitors.
- face painting
- creative workshops
- photos with dragon Emil
- fun competitions
- funny photo corner
Small participants can also have fun within the area where there are various jungle gyms, slides and swings.

Dragon camp fire:
After the Atrios KIDS runs, there will be a common camp fire. We will start a fire, bring goodies (bacon, sausages, bread ...)  and the kids can toast with their parents.

The Atrios team, your good neighbor, is looking forward to seeing you.

Course surface:
The individual tracks will be marked on the meadow in the finish area.

Transport to the start at Kamzík is provided by a bus line nr. 144 from last stop of nr. 44 trolleybus (the stop is called Koliba). Important: On the race day, the bus will run at special service for Salomon Dragon trails at 15 min. intervals, starting at 6:00. 

You can check-in your bags in luggage room at Kamzík. It will be marked as  "ÚSCHOVŇA". Mark your bags with ID band with your race nr. You will receive it at the luggage room check-in. If you check-in your bags, race bib will serve you for check-out.

Trophies and prizes from sponsors.


Past years

2020    01:45:07    Miroslav Tvrdoň (1988) - virtual race

2020    01:34:45    Vanessa Švárová (1995) - virtual race

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