Volunteers are important part of our every event. Their selfless help helps us to prepare our events in a way, that everyone feels welcomed. Volunteers open their hearts to strangers and become part of something beautiful. We are grateful to all volunteers that help us.
Volunteering at our events is about gaining experience.
Everything you learn during such project, you utilize at work , or in daily life. Cutting bananas really fast, or manage small team of people? It is all about the amount time you dedicate.
Volunteering at our events is about giving back.
Are you a runner, but cannot compete due to injury? Having a rest day because of an upcoming race next weekend? Did get a water with big smile at a race last time? Come to support your runners friends as a volunteer. You alone now what a friendly smile does when you have enough.
Volunteering at our events connects.
As a volunteer you meet new people at ŠKpR events. You gain useful skills social, together with a load of new new friends. Real friends, not virtual ones.
Volunteering at our events is fun.
Helping others will cause you very pleasant feelings. Feeling of inner satisfaction, happiness, feeling of fellowship, confidence - those are just some of the benefits volunteering yields. Well and of course Joy.

We know something about that, we are ŠK pre Radosť (Sport Club for Joy). Come and find out at some of our events. Fill out the form and welcome in the team.


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