Do we run because we are healthy, or we are healthy because we run? For people with cancer unfortunately none of these options is correct. Cancer has no preference and with children not at all.

We want to give our event another dimension and help those, that need help now. We let the trail running community to choose and you chose in a poll on "Horský beh" FB group. You decided that if we cannot run with them, we shall run for them.
In 2020 we made a partnership with Deťom s rakovinou organization.

At sign up, you can donate to "Deťom s rakovinou" voluntary contribution for their activities. We join in and every year we will donate part of the entry fee to this organization.  

Deťom s rakovinou is a non-profit organization that works since 2015 directly at Pediatric hematology and oncology clinic of the National institute of pediatric diseases in Bratislava. Their goal is to build top clinic of pediatric oncology to reach most possible number of cured children.
Besides that they do other forms of help, such as direct help to families in bad social situation, art therapy and edification.

You can learn more about their work on their page Deťom s rakovinou.

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