ŠK pre Radosť o.z.

Executive services are provided by SunBell s. r. o.
Online at VysledkovyServis.skRegistration will be stopped 16.6.2022 at 24h, or when participant limit will be reached. After this date, if the participant limit won't be reached, it will be possible to enter on the race day. Your name will show in the participants list, after your payment is received and you will receive a confirmation email. If you don't select card payment you will receive an email with payment instructions (if not, check your SPAM or PROMOTIONS folder).

Participant is deemed as registered, only after payment. 

SOS phone nr.:
If any health problem should occur during the race, or you would need help, call the number that will be on the backside of your race bib.

Timing and results: 
Timing services are provided by SunBell s. r. o. - VysledkovyServis.sk. Results will be published live at VysledkovyServis.sk. If you enter your phone nr. in registration form, you will receive SMS with your finish time and preliminary placement.

Race bib:
Every participant must have the race bib placed on chest so that it is visible and cannot be covered. Part of the race bib is disposable tag for timing. Without race bib on your chest your time won’t be taken. Race bib is property of the organizer until the race end. Without the organizer's consent, the race bibs are nontransferable to other person. Participant running with race bib assigned to other person will be disqualified.

If you check-in your bags in luggage room, race bib will serve you for check-out.

Back side of the race bib:
On the back side of the race bib you can enter our health information. This will be used by the medical and rescue personnel only. And only in case of health problems and following treatment by medical and rescue services. If you want to, you can enter additional information about your health condition, allergy, contact person, or other important information that can help us in case you will be provided medical treatment during or after the race.


- t-shirt (One t-shirt for adults is included in the entry fee, t-shirts for Atrios KIDS, Atrios FAMILY RELAY and for adults as well can be purchased at online registration. For more info about t-shirts click on t-shirt picture below)
- finisher medal for everybody at finish
- drink at finish
- 3€ coupon for food or drink at the Kamzik food stands (except Atrios KIDS)
- campfire roasting for kids (only Atrios KIDS)
- food and hydratation at aid stations
- transport to the start of BK26 at Pezinská Baba and transport of luggage from Pezinská Baba to Kamzík (for participants only)
- early morning transport to the start at Kamzík
- entry fee discount for customers of Dôvera insurance
- free entry to fitness center RETRO Sport & Wellness (except Atrios KIDS)
- finisher SMS with finish time (need to enter phone nr. in registration form)
- changing rooms, luggage room and WC at Kamzík
- WC at Pezinská Baba
- on-line diploma (possibility to print it out from your results on the vysledkovyservis.sk)
- individual finish video (possibility to view it at your results on the vysledkovyservis.sk)

Refreshment stations:

Sport drinks, water, salt, glucose, bananas and orages will be available at the aid stations.
!! If due to the current situation, RÚVZ Bratislava forbids us to serve food at aid stations, only sport drinks, water, salt and glucose will be available at the aid stations. Then, KBK52 runners can provide drop-bags with their own food for the Pezinská Baba station. The organizer will take them from the race pack-pick-up at Kamzík to Pezinská Baba. No drop-bags are provided for the Biely kríž station. BK26 runners must take food with them. In case of big hunger there is a food stand Občerstvenie u Kocmundu at Biely kríž !!

Ecology and environment:
We are pioneers in making events more green. Since 2016, we have used ecological disposable dishes only. We sort waste at refreshment stations and at the finish. We motivate and facilitate the use of public transport for participants. We have been using reusable and ecological course marking for many years. We do not put leaflets in the race packs and we prefer more environmentally friendly forms of cooperation with our partners. We use the services and products of local and Slovak companies as much as possible. We are reducing our carbon footprint and giving work to people in Slovakia. Thank you for helping us.
As part of our efforts to minimize the impact of our events on nature and the environment, we encourage participants to take their own cup with them, which we will be happy to pour into at refreshment stations.

By entering the race, every participant declares, the he/she completed medical check resulting with "able to complete the race". Every participant takes part on his own responsibility and is responsible for his medical condition he enters  the race. Organizer is not responsible for any health or material damage caused to the participant in respect to travel, stay and participation on the event.

Participant is obliged to dispose of all garbage he creates on the course himself. Breaking of this rule will result in disqualification. It is compulsory for awarded participants to take part in award ceremony and receive the awards personally.
For participants under 18 years, the liability lies with their legal representative.

Parking lots at Kamzík are very limited. Therefore we ask participants to leave their cars at home and use public transport. There is a bus line to Kamzík nr. 144. The electric bus runs from the trolleybus end station nr. 203 at Koliba and back in 15 min. intervals.
If you can't avoid driving, your parking options are as follows:
The largest parking lot is in front of the Stroodel restaurant, electric bus no. 144 stops there on signal. It is 900m walk to Kamzík.
On the side of the extended part of the asphalt road between the Stroodel and Kamzík car parks.
Parking lot at the turn to the TV tower (at the monument)
Parking lot at the turn just below the TV tower.

Conditions for events according to Decree no. 223 in connection with Covid-19
The event is only open to people who are either vaccinated or have a negative test for Covid-19.
A vaccinated person is:
• at least 14 days after the second dose of vaccine (Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, Sputnik V);
• at least 21 days after the single vaccine (Johnson & Johnson);
• at least 14 days after the first dose of the vaccine, if she has overcome Covid-19 and has not passed 180 days since
• immediately after the first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine with a single-dose or double-dose schedule - temporarily valid until 9 August
The vaccinated person will have to prove so, with an EU Digital COVID card (printed or in the GreenPass application) or a national vaccination certificate with a QR code.

Exception from vaccination is granted to persons who have overcome COVID-19 in a period not more than 180 days ago. That is, before 1.2.2021. This fact must be proven by a doctor's certificate. You can download a confirmation sample HERE.

A Covid -19 tested person has:

• a negative RT-PCR / LAMP test result not older than 72 hours
• a negative AG test result not older than 24 hours.
During the race pack pick-up, the tested person will have to prove himself / herself with an SMS confirmation, or a printed confirmation, or an EU Digital COVID card in the GreenPass application.

In the event that the current situation associated with the spread of COVID-19 will require the introduction of measures in accordance with current regulations of the Chief Hygienist of the Slovak Republic and the Public Health Office of the Slovak Republic, competitors' participation in the event may be adjusted by decision of the organizer, or by epidemiological and hygienic rules for the organization of mass sports events.

Terms of participation, or let us play fair. 
Only runner with paid start fee and own race bib can take part in race. It is not allowed to pass the race bib to another person by means different, then described in these propositions. Such action will resolve in disqualification and possible participation ban in future events. Likewise it is not allowed to counterfeit the bibs, or run without a bib. Such people we consider as bandits, that try richen at the expense of other runners and the organizer. For these reasons it is not allowed to accompany a runner on course, although accompanying a runner is no bad intention. 

The organizer retains the right, if circumstances require it, to modify or nearly specify some information in these propositions. He also further retains the right to cancel or interrupt the event or some of its disciplines in case of serious danger like war, unfriendly weather, terrorism or any other attack endangering the security of participants or in case of other unforeseeable vis maior factors.

In such cases the runners have no entitlement to get the start or its part fee refunded because costs already arose while preparing the event in the time before its cancelling/interrupting.   The organizer can however after evaluating all circumstances and costs compensate a part of start fee to the runners.

Schedule Salomon Dragon trails 2022

18.6. 15:00-16:00

race day packet pick up Atrios KIDS


18.6. 15:00-17:45

race day packet pick up KDK7.5


18.6. 16:00

Atrios KIDS start


18.6. 17:00

Atrios KIDS awards ceremony


18.6. 18:00

KDK7.5 start


18.6. 19:00

KDK7.5 awards ceremony


19.6. 6:00-7:15

KBK52 and BK26 race day packet pick up


19.6. 7:30

KBK52 start

19.6. 7:30-8:45

KSK15 race day packet pick up


19.6. 8:00

first bus to the start of BK26 leaves

Central bus station

19.6. 9:00

KSK15 start


19.6. 10:15

BK26 start

Pezinská Baba

19.6. 10:45

KSK15 awards ceremony


19.6. 14:00

BK26, KBK52 awards ceremony


19.6. 15:00

time limit for all races


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