Race pack pick-up:
23-24.4. 10:00-20:00
25.4. 10:00-13:00

26.4. at start Bratislava - Kamzík 6:30 - 9:45

26.4.2020 10:00 Bratislava - Kamzík
Start KDK7,5 run with dog:
26.4.2020 9:00 Bratislava - Kamzík
Common finish for all courses is on Kamzík (410 m. n. m.)

Anticipated winners finishing times KDK7,5:
First man 10:30, first woman 10:35
Anticipated winners finishing times KDK7,5 run with dog:
First man 9:25, first woman 9:30

Categories KDK7,5

To be enlisted into age category, the year of birth is decisive, not considering the date of birth.
  • M
  • M40
  • M50
  • M60
  • F
  • F35
  • F50

Categories KDK7,5 run with dog

  • + dog RDM
  • + dog RDF
Club and company teams contest:
Are you the best uber club in the world? On KDK7,5 and KDK7,5 run with dog course there is a Club and company teams contest. Members of the same club or company (work colleagues) man/woman mixed, competing on the same course. Minimum nr. of team members is 3. Maximum nr. is not given. The winner is determined based on average time of all team members. If you are interested in Club and company teams contest, it is enough that one team member writes a message in registration form. We will include all the others automatically. Provided, all of them will enter their club name. Do not use abbreviations, use exact and full name of club / team.
The fastest team will get special award!

Entry fee KDK7,5 and KDK7,5 run with dog

16 €

paid until 29.2.2020

20 €

paid until 31.3.2020

24 €

paid until 22.4.2020

32 €

paid until 23-26.4.2020

The sum depends on the date of payment, not the date of registration. Pls. do not send any payments after 20.4.2020. Entry fee is not refundable. Until 22.4.2020 till 12h it is possible to transfer entry fee to other person for 4€ fee. To move the entry fee to next year is not possible.
In case you cannot participle and want to transfer your registration to other participant, you can do that by email sent to prihlaska@vysledkovyservis.sk latest till 22.4.2020. The contact must be made by person that was originally registered, he/she will also provide all data about the new participant. Race pack pick up and statement confirmation is made by the new participant. After race pack pick up the transfer is not possible anymore.

Youth support: 
Reduced entry fee minus 80% (valid if paid until 22.4.2020) for young sport talents (YOB 2000 and younger). In entry form enter discount code "PDML80".

Reduced start fee for clients of health insurance Dôvera:
As a part of partnership we provide Dôvera clients individual entry fee discount 4€.
To claim the discount, mark the Dôvera field in registration form and fill out the client ID number – you can find it on your card in the left lower corner as IČP.
Entry fee payment:
You can pay the start fee by various way methods. All of them will be presented to you after filling the entry form. We suggest to use the card payment. It is fast, secure, cheapest from other countries and your name will show in participants list right away.
If you do not choose the card payment, you will receive email with instructions for other payment methods. (if you do not receive the email, check your SPAM folder).
Pls. do not pay the entry fee using postal money transfer.

Course surface:
Fast fair trail.
Exact KDK7,5 course in GPX format for navigation devices and watches you can download by clicking on icon on the right.


Detailed information about KDK7,5 run with dog:
Sponsor of run with dog is company Non-stop dogwear. For run with dog it is possible to rent running equipment - belt, running line and harness. You need to reserve the equipment in advance via e-mail jana@non-stopdogwear.sk. 
Drinking for dogs is provided at start and finish. Furthermore, at finish, in Non-stop dogwear tent, there will be provided special drinking for dogs from MAMUT dog nutrition and tub to cool the dogs.
Contact for run with dog: Jana Mareková +421 903 319729

Run with dog is conducted by rules stated on this page and rules, stated here.

Transport to the start at Kamzík is provided by a bus line nr. 144 from last stop of nr. 203 trolleybus (the stop is called Koliba). Important: On the race day, the bus will be at special service for Salomon Baba-Kamzík at 15 min. intervals, starting at 6:30. Though it is not free and you need to buy regular bus ticket.

You can check-in your bags in luggage room at Kamzík. It will be marked as  "ÚSCHOVŇA". Mark your bags with ID band with your race nr. You will receive it at the luggage room check-in. If you check-in your bags, race bib will serve you for check-out.

Trophies and prizes from sponsors.


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