Propositions KBK53   

    propozície KBK53 v slovenčine

KBK53, BK26 and RK16 is part of Karpatský pohár v horskom behu. Other events of Karpatsky pohár v horskom behu
ŠK pre Radosť in cooperation with Cross Country Club Rača.
Realization services are provided by SunBell s. r. o.

Participant limit:
      220 participants for KBK53
      550 participants for BK26
      230 participants for RK16
Participant is considered registerd only after start fee payment. 
Online na Online prihlasovanie bude ukončené 27.4.2019 o 12h, alebo v momente naplnenia účastníckeho limitu. Po tomto dátume, ak nebude naplnený účastnícky limit, sa bude dať prihlásiť aj na mieste v deň pretekov. Hneď po uhradení štartovného sa Vaše meno zobrazí v zozname prihlásených a príde Vám email s inštrukciami k platbe (ak email nenájdete skontrolujte priečinok SPAM).
Online at VysledkovyServis.skRegistration will be stopped 27.4.2019 at 12h, or when participipant limit will be reached. After this date, if the participant limint won't be reached, it will be possible to enter on the race day. Your name will show in the participants list right after payment received and you will receive a confirmation email. If you don't select card payment you will receive email with payment instructions (if not, check your SPAM folder).

SOS phone line: 
If any health problem should occur during race, or you would need help, call number, that will be on the backside of the race bib.

Timing and results: 
Timing services are provided by SunBell s. r. o. - Results will be published live at If you enter your phone nr. in registration form, you will receive SMS with your finish time and preliminary placement.

Race bib:
Every participant must have the race bib placed on chest so that it is visible and cannot be covered. Part of the race bib is disposable tag for timing. Without race bib on your chest your time won’t be recorded. Race bib is property of organizer until the race end. Without the consent of organizer, are the race bibs nontransferable to other person. Participant running with race bib assigned to other runner will be disqualified.

If you check-in your bags in luggage room, race bib will serve you for check-out.

Back side of the race bib:
On the back side of the race bib you can enter our health information. This will be used by the organizer only in case of health problems and following treatment by medical and rescue services. If you want to, you can enter additional information about your health condition, allergy, contact person, or other important information that can help us in case you will be provided medical treatment during or after the race.

- finisher medal for everybody at finish
- food and drink at finish
- fruits, sweets and hydratation at aid stations
- transport to start at Kamzík      
- transport to start at Pezinská Baba      
- transport of luggage to Kamzík            
- changing rooms at finish
- luggage room
- cooling for dogs at start      
- finisher SMS with finish time (need to enter phone nr. in registration form)
- changing rooms at finish
- on-line diploma (possibility to print it out from your results on the
- finish video (possibility to view it at your results on the

For this year we have prepared a T-shirt in a new graphic. It is a 160g cotton. The price is folk, so don't hesitate.T-shirt can be ordered until 9.4.2019 to 12h.

By entering the race, every participant declares, the he/she completed medical check resulting with "able to complete the race". Every participant takes part on his own responsibility and is responsible for his medical condition he enters  the race. Organiser is not responsible for any health or material damage caused to the participant in respect to travel, stay and participation on the event.

Participant is obliged to dispose of all garbage he creates on the course himself. Breaking of this rule will result in disqualification. It is compulsory for awarded participants to take part in award ceremony and receive the awards personally.
For participants under 18 years, the liability lies with their legal representative.


Parking lot at Kamzík is very limited. Therefore we ask participants to leave their cars at home and use public transport. There is a new bus line to Kamzík nr. 144. The bus runs from the trolleybus end station nr. 203 at Koliba and back in 15 min. intervals.
Race pack pick-up KBK53:
25-26.4. 10:00-20:00
27.4. 10:00-13:00
RETRO Sport and Wellness v Bratislave.

28.4. at start Bratislava - Kamzík 6:30 - 7:15
Start KBK53:
Bratislava – Kamzík 7:30

Common finish for all courses is on Kamzík (410 m. n. m.)

Time limit:
Time limit for all courses at finish on Kamzík at 15:00.Time limit at turn around point at Pezinská Baba is 3:30 from start. After this limit at turn around point, race bib will be removed, hence putting the runner out of race.

Anticipated winners finishing times KBK53:
First man 11:30, first woman 12:30 
Categories KBK53:
To be enlisted into age category the year of birth is decisive, not considering the date of birth.the year of birth is decisive, not considering the date of birth.

Cat.CategoryYear of BirthKBK53
Mmen 20 - 39 years1999 – 1980
M40men 40 - 49 years1979 - 1970 
M50men 50 - 59 years1969 - 1960 
M60men 60+ years1959 and older
Zwomen 20 - 34 years1999 - 1985 
Z35women 35+ years1984 and older 

Club and company teams contest:
Are you the best uber club in the world? On KBK53 course the is a Club and company teams contest. Members of the same club or company (work colleagues) man/woman mixed, competing on the same course participate. Minimum nr. of team members is 3. Maximum nr. is not given. The winner is determined based on average time of all team members. If you are interested in Club and company teams contest, it is enough that one team member writes a message in registration form. We will include all the others automatically. Provided, all of them will enter their club name. Do not use abbreviations, use exact and full name of club / team.
Fastest “Greenhorn" contest:
We are happy to see new faces in trail running and therefore we support newcomers. If you have not competed the 53km course Kamzík-Baba-Kamzík, you can enter the Fastest “Greenhorn" contest. It is enough, to mark it in registration form that you want to compete in Fastest “Greenhorn" at Kamzík-Baba-Kamzík contest.

Start fee:

Start fee:Payment untill 28.2.2019Payment untill 31.3.2019Payment untill 24.4.2019Payment 25. - 28.4.2019
KBK5322 €26 €30 €38 €

The sum depends on the date of payment, not the date of registration. Pls. do not send any payments after 24.4.2019. Payed start fee is not returnable. Until 24.4.2019 till 12h it is possible to transfer payed start fee to other person for 4€ fee. To move the start fee to next year is not possible.
In case you cannot participle and want to transfer your registration to other participant, you can do that by email sent to latest till 24.04.2019. The contact must be made by person that was originally registered, he/she will also provide all data about the new participant. Race pack pick up and statement confirmation is made by the new participant. After race pack pick up the transfer is not possible anymore.

Reduced start fee for health insurance Dôvera clients: As a part of partnership we provide Dôvera clients individual start fee discount 4€. To claim the discount, mark the Dôvera field in registration form and fill out the client ID number – you can find it on your card in the left lower corner as IČP.

Start fee payment: 
You can pay the start fee by various way methods. All of them will be presented to you after filling the entry form. We suggest to use the card payment. It is fast, secure, cheapest from other countries and your name will show in participants list right away.
If you do not choose the card payment, you will receive email with instructions for other payment methods. (if you do not receive the email, check your SPAM folder).
Pls. do not pay the start fee using postal money transfer.

Course KBK53:
lenght 53km, accumulated gain: 1.700m 

Kamzík 410 m. n. m., Pod Chlmcom 315, Chlmec 400, Tri Duby 350, red - Krásny vrch 410, Pekná cesta 350, U Slivu 310, Bystrické 420 (yellow), Biely Kríž 500, M Javorník 560, Salaš 490, Kozí chrbát 542, Somár 650, sedlo Kňažný vrch 530, Konské Hlavy 650, Pezinská Baba 510 m. n. m. and back. At the turning point at Pezinska Baba you will be greeted by cheering crowd of BK26 course, that has the same course as you from this point. Course map, profile and gpx.

Course surface:
Fast fair trail, few stony sections, few easy creek crossings

Aid stations:
At 11th km Biely Kríž, 26th km Pezinská Baba (turn around), 41st km Biely Kríž,  47th km Pekná cesta and at finish on Kamzík

Transport to start at Kamzík is provided by shuttle bus service from last stop of nr. 203 trolleybus (the stop is called Koliba). The shuttle will be in service from 6:30 till 7:15. The shuttle is for everybody, including spectators and is free.

The bus will be marked by race name.

You can check-in your bags in luggage room at Kamzík. It will be marked as  "ÚSCHOVŇA". Mark your bags with ID band with your race nr. You will receive it at the luggage room check-in. If you check-in your bags, race bib will serve you for check-out.

Trophies and prizes from sponsors.

Terms of participation, or let us play fair. 
Only runner with paid start fee and own race bib can take part in race. It is not allowed to pass the race bib to another person by means different, then described in these propositions. Such action will resolve in disqualification and possible participation ban in future events. Likewise it is not allowed to counterfeit the bibs, or run without a bib. Such people we consider as bandits, that try richen at the expense of other runners and the organizer. For these reasons it is not allowed to accompany a runner on course, although accompanying a runner is no bad intention. 

The organizer retains the right, if circumstances require it, to modify or nearly specify some information in these propositions. He also further retains the right to cancel or interrupt the event or some of its disciplines in case of serious danger like war, unfriendly weather, terrorism or any other attack endangering the security of participants or in case of other unforeseeable vis maior factors.

In such cases the runners have no entitlement to get the start or its part fee refunded because costs already arose while preparing the event in the time before its cancelling/interrupting.   The organizer can however after evaluating all circumstances and costs compensate a part of start fee to the runners.

 Winners of previous issues KBK53:

yeartime menmentime womenwomen
201003:58:15Lukáš Barták (1983)05:42:34Jana Žideková (1960)
201104:19:52Martin Vrábel (1977)05:30:43Marcela Kovářová (1979)
201204:15:19Ľubomír Hrmo (1961)04:59:43Alena Bukovácová (1974)
201304:16:00Martin Vrábel (1977)05:25:32Michaela Polakovičová (1985)
201404:00:11Martin Vrábel (1977)05:23:50Alena Bukovácová (1974)
201504:03:02Tomáš Podpera (1986)04:52:38Silvia Petrjánošová (1980)
201604:06:48Juraj Török (1989)04:37:58Denisa Kušnierová (1977)
201704:01:15Jakub Valachovič (1985)04:31:39
Denisa Kušnierová (1977)
Martin Halasz (1990)
05:14:26Michaela Vallová (1987)