Race pack pick-up:
31.7. at finish, Bratislava - Kamzík 17:00-20:00
1.8. at finish, Bratislava - Kamzík 6:00-7:15 

1.8.2021 10:15 parking lot at Pezinská Baba

Common finish for all courses is on Kamzík (410 m. n. m.)

Anticipated winners finishing times BK26:
First man 12:00, first woman 12:25

Categories BK26

To be enlisted into age category, the year of birth is decisive, not considering the date of birth.
  • M
  • M40
  • M50
  • M60
  • F
  • F35
  • F50
Club and company teams contest:
Are you the best uber club in the world? On BK26 course there is a Club and company teams contest. Members of the same club or company (work colleagues) man/woman mixed, competing on the same course. Minimum nr. of team members is 3. Maximum nr. is not given. The winner is determined based on average time of all team members. If you are interested in Club and company teams contest, it is enough that one team member writes a message in registration form. We will include all the others automatically. Provided, all of them will enter their club name. Do not use abbreviations, use exact and full name of club / team.
The fastest team will get special award!

Fastest “Greenhorn" contest:
We are happy to see new faces in trail running and therefore we support newcomers. If you have not competed the 26km course yet, you can enter the Fastest “Greenhorn" contest. Just mark it in registration form that you want to compete in Fastest “Greenhorn" contest.

BK26 is part of GOLDEN TRAIL NATIONAL SERIES CZE/SVK/POL. For more information click the "series" menu button.

Slovak championship in trail running:
BK26 is declared as Slovak championship in trail running 2021. Slovak championship in trial running, based on mandate from Slovak athletic federation, will happen at BK26 race.

For more information click the "series" menu button.

Entry fee BK26

19 €

paid until 31.5.2021

23 €

paid until 30.6.2021

27 €

paid until 28.7.2021

35 €

paid until 29-31.7.2021
Entry fee transfer and entry changes:
Entry fee is not refundable. It is possible to transfer entry fee to other person for 4€ fee. To move the entry fee to next year is not possible.
Minor changes in entry, as club name change, are for free.
In case you want to transfer your registration to other participant, or do some minor change in your entry, you can do that on webpage vysledkovyservis.sk. In main menu choose „Entry change“ ans fill in all data about the new participant. The change must be made by the person who entered originally. 
Reduced start fee for clients of health insurance Dôvera:
As a part of partnership we provide Dôvera clients individual entry fee discount 4€.
To claim the discount, mark the Dôvera field in registration form and fill out the client ID number – you can find it on your card in the left lower corner as IČP.
karta Dovera
Entry fee payment:
You can pay the start fee by various way methods. All of them will be presented to you after filling the entry form. We suggest to use the card payment. It is fast, secure, cheapest from other countries and your name will show in participants list right away.
If you do not choose the card payment, you will receive email with instructions for other payment methods. (if you do not receive the email, check your SPAM and PROMOTIONS folder).
Pls. do not pay the entry fee using postal money transfer.

Course surface:
Fast fair trail, few stony sections, few easy creek crossings
Exact BK26 course in GPX format for navigation devices and watches you can download by clicking on icon on the right.


Transport to Start at Pezinská Baba is due to restrictions for big buses quite complicated and costly. Every year we do a lot to get you comfortably to the start, without having to move you halfway to smaller buses. Due to this, we have to charge a fee of 6€.
Transport will be provided by bus from Mlynské Nivy directly to Pezinská Baba. Order your ticket in registration form. Despite it is charged, the transport is for PARTICIPANTS ONLY.
Departure times:
Mlynské Nivy, platform nr.
 26 8:00 (Central bus station at Bottova st.)
The last bus will also stop at these stops:
Račianske mýto 8:05 (bus stop at Račianska street direction to Rača, stop of bus nr. 59)
Pekná cesta, Rača 8:10 (bus stop at Račianska street, at car dealership, stop of bus nr. 59)
Svätý Jur 8:25 (bus stop at Krajinská st.)
Pezinok Radničné nám. 8:35 (bus stop)

Buses will be marked as Salomon Baba-Kamzík.

Transport from the race pick-up and finish at Kamzík is provided by a bus line nr. 144 that will run on race day from 6:00.

Transport of luggage from start at Pezinská Baba to finish at Kamzík is provided. Mark your bags with ID band with your race nr. You will receive it at the luggage pick up. Check – in your luggage to car marked as “BATOŽINA”. Check-out will be at luggage room marked as "ÚSCHOVŇA". Race bib will serve you for check-out.

Trophies and prizes from sponsors.


Past years

2003    01:39:45    Ladislav Findl (1962)
2004    01:36:53    Michal Chladoň (1980)
2005    01:33:42    Eduard Králik (1973)
2006    01:49:10    Dušan Hlubocký (1979)
2007    01:42:09    Michal Kavacký (1977)
2008    01:40:42    Michal Kavacký (1977)
2009    01:42:45    Eduard Králik (1973)
2010    01:47:35    Gabriel Švajda (1984)
2011    01:44:13    Imrich Magyar (1984)
2012    01:45:07    Martin Guttmann (1978)
2013    01:45:15    Róbert Valiček (1969)
2014    01:45:27    Martin Guttmann (1978)
2015    01:43:30    Andrej Foltín (1983)
2016    01:44:36    Imrich Magyar (1984)
2017    01:40:33    Andrej Paulen (1994)
2018    01:42:03    Andrej Paulen (1994)
2019    01:36:24    Jiří Čípa (1985)
2020    02:11:50    Michal Kostka (1979) - virtual race

2003    01:48:47    Andrea Berešová (1971)
2004    01:49:31    Andrea Berešová (1971)
2005    01:45:26    Andrea Berešová (1971)
2006    02:07:13    Andrea Berešová (1971)
2007    02:13:03    Katarína Smoleňová (1982)
2008    02:02:37    Andrea Berešová (1971)
2009    02:08:12    Jela Furuczová (1971)
2010    02:18:29    Natália Kasalovská (1985)
2011    02:12:06    Katarína Drahovská (1975)
2012    02:09:39    Renáta Klčová (1971)
2013    02:07:11    Jela Furuczová (1971)
2014    02:01:58    Katarína Lovrantová (1985)
2015    02:00:49    Katarína Lovrantová (1985)
2016    01:59:50    Katarína Lovrantová (1985)
2017    01:58:12    Petra Fašungová (1990)
2018    02:07:28    Denisa Kušnierová (1977)
2019    02:00:02    Katarína Lovrantová (1985)
2020    02:28:43    Katarína Lovrantová (1985) - virtual race

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